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El Segundo Youth Football and Cheer Start Practice Aug 1 at St. Bernard HS. Signups will continue through the week. 6-8 pm.

El Segundo Football and Cheer celebrates 30 years as the longest running football and cheer organization in the South Bay. We have served thousands of families over the years. Get the Eagle Experience!

Joining the premier Pacific Coast Conference in the early 2000's. The league has lasted the test of time and upstart leagues. We are the original El Segundo Football and Cheer organization and literally served thousands of families across El Segundo and the South Bay.

Several families have enjoyed superior coaching that have made for excellence in football and cheer not only today at El Segundo High School, and also schools all over the South Bay. High School Summer passing leagues often held at El Segundo football field. Will showcase not only the tops in the South Bay. But many of those outstanding athletes are our alumni.

El Segundo Youth Football and Cheer are largely responsible for the new football stadium as our kids petitioned door to door for the vote that would float the bond to build the structure that the high school enjoys today

Come join the premier and longest lasting league in Southern Californa. El Segundos own, the original El Segundo Youth Football and Cheer.

Meet Your Board Members

  • AD Simon President
  • Cyndi Tomlinson Cheer Director
  • Lily Cordero Secretary
  • Jayme Lavoie Treasurer
  • Dovie Reid Equipment Manager
  • Chris Parr Athletic Director


Volunteers are needed for Cheer and Football coaching. Please email or call to help out. We have open board positions:Open positions: Ways and Means, Publicity,Parent Auxillary,Parent Services Director,Player Agent - Football,Player Agent - Cheer

Football Ages

Flag 5 - 6

Mitey Mite 7* – 8 – 9

Jr Pee Wee 8 – 9 – 10

Pee Wee 9 – 10 – 11

Jr Midget 10 – 11 – 12

Midgets 11 – 12 – 13 – 14

Cut off date July 31. The six (6) year old in the Tiny Mite division for football only must weigh a MINIMUM of 60 pounds to play ion that division.


Cheer Ages


Flag 5 - 6

Mitey Mite 7* – 8 – 9

Jr Pee Wee 8 – 9 – 10

Pee Wee 9 – 10 – 11

Jr Midget 10 – 11 – 12

Midgets 11 – 12 – 13 – 14

Cut off date July 31


Convenience Pay Thru Pay Pal

Football and Cheer

Please click and insert the appropriate fee into the form at PayPal

Flag $225.00 USD

Mitey Mite – Midget $375.00 USD

Download Paperwork


Eagle News

Important Dates

  • El Segundo Youth Football and Cheer Start Practice Aug 1 at St. Bernard HS. Signups will continue through the week. 6-8 pm.

Safety First

Coach Hosea teaches the only clinically proven safe tackling program in the world. Click for the Full Study that was funded by LA84 Foundation by ETSCIENCE, LLC. Our coaches are certified in the Hosea method of tackling.

We also are required to certify with USA Football's Heads Up Football


We are building men and women for others


"Loved the program ...great community!"Austin Webster Notre Dame University

"El Segundo Youth Football Cheer has my vote!" Harry Saltz Father of Ashton Saltz ESHS Varsity player

My experience playing for El Segundo Youth Football was phenomenal. I still remember many of those games and trips that we took as a team. So many memories were made on those trips. Such as going to Florida to play in the Championship or my first TD in Minnesota against guys who were way bigger than me. El Segundo definitely brought me and a few of my close friends together that I am still close with today. They taught us the correct way to play football and kept it fun.
The coaching staff was close knit and did a great job working together to make sure everyone was on the same page which helped our team excel even more.
My first experience playing tackle football was with El Segundo after many years of trying to persuade my mother but she says it was the best decision letting me play there. I was able to learn the game and she enjoyed the atmosphere with all of the parents during the games having fun cheering us on. Coaches that I had when I played I still talk to today and they looked out for guys on the team and their families as if they were their own kids.
It was a group of father figures who took care of us by committee. So it made things much easier for my mom. I wouldn't trade my experience with El Segundo for the world. My love for the game was born right there on those very fields the Eagles call Home.
Chandler Jet Jones NFL Browns, Colts and CFL

El Segundo has provided me with a lifelong friend...I also learned to always work hard for what I want in life.
KJ Vault

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